Chain Link Fence

If you are looking for a quote for a new chain link fence install, please use the form to the right or any contact information on our contact page.  We are happy to help you with your decision on your new fence.

Why Choose Chain Link Fence?

Sturdy and durable chain link fence is available in galvanized and vinyl coated colors – green, black, and brown.  Chain link fence is also known for strength and resilience.  It is perhaps the most economical type of fence available.  Miller Fence co. offers a wide range of residential and commercial styles. Choosing the right style and color for your needs will enhance your landscape with a fence that blends naturally with your trees and shrubs.

Your Next Step

A new fence is an investment.  We realize this, and want to help you make the best choice possible.  We’ve been doing this for nearly 50 years throughout the entire state of Connecticut and have a core team of experienced employees ready to assist with your fence needs.

Below are some images of chain link fence projects we have completed.  Please also take some time and visit our showroom where you will be able to see, touch and feel the chain link fence products we offer.